Quality: Provided by a major translation company

YAQS is distinguished by its quality. YAQS is operated by WIP Japan Corporation, one of Japan's top 10 translation companies in terms of sales among the 2,000 or so translation companies in Japan. WIP Japan has around 3,000 clients: mostly government agencies and large corporations. WIP Japan's president is a director of the Japan Translation Federation, the only public-interest corporation authorized by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

In August 2010, WIP Japan conducted a survey of people who requested translation services from translation companies, human translation websites, translation software and freelance translators, together with Macromill Inc. The results showed that when asked which was most important among quality, price and delivery time (speed) for translation services, 45.1% of those who answered indicated quality.

Speed: The fastest in the industry

YAQS does not guarantee exact delivery deadlines for any translation requests, which may detract from the service's appeal. However, it is probably best not to use YAQS for jobs with a strict deadline. The more urgent a job is and the stricter its deadline, the more the translation will cost you.

YAQS does not require a minimum charge. And a non-technical translation of about 30 words, such as a product description for an E-commerce site, or a short email, can be delivered in just 10 minutes.

Price: The lowest in the industry

Lowest priced of the human-translation websites that hire professional translators (See Note 1)

Note 1: Probably, the cheapest translation service in the industry is Conyac (https://conyac.cc/en/personal?site=1), which is provided by anydooR Inc. Conyac offers 0.9 JPY/character (Japanese to English translation). However, their translators do not take any kind of translation exams and anyone can register themselves as translators as long as they are confident of their language skills, which is the reason that Conyac is excluded from the table. For those who want low-cost service and do not mind the quality level, we recommend Conyac.
Please note that Gengo (http://gengo.com/) uses US dollars and can be the cheapest for Japanese to English translation depending on the exchange rate.