[Original text]


[Company E machine translation]

Please inform our employee at once when some contingencies are generated.

Note: There are some grammatical errors. You might be able to assume some of the meaning correctly if you read it patiently.

[Casual]  Translation fee: 5 JPY x 34 characters = 170 JPY

Please inform an employee of our company immediately if you have any unanticipated situations.

Note: This is a direct translation with redundant expressions but all of the Japanese information is included. No grammatical errors.

[Standard]  Translation fee: 10 JPY x 34 characters = 340 JPY

Please immediately inform an employee of this company of any unanticipated situations.

例1:~の場合は if ….→any …

[Pro]  Translation fee: 15 JPY x 34 characters = 510 JPY

Please report any unanticipated situations immediately to our company personnel.