Translation request FAQ

[Translation request]

How is using YAQS different from placing an order with a translation company?
As there are no coordinators or editors/proofreaders as intermediaries; the translation goes directly from the translator to the client. For that reason, there is no checking as normally takes place when you order from a translation company. Please approach YAQS translations as if requesting a translation from a translator you know.

How is using YAQS different from requesting a translation from a translator you know?
Knowing the person who is translating something for you does not have, in itself, any necessary downside. However, requesting a translation from someone you know has numerous disadvantages:
・ being someone you know, you can’t really request urgent translations
・ being someone you know, you can’t really negotiate pricing
・ if they are busy, you can’t even ask them to do the job
・ being someone you know, you can’t really point out mistakes
YAQS is a marketplace with freedom. You are not obliged to anyone, and can make requests without any need to be circumspect. “YAQS lets you take advantage of translation resources freely, accessed online, whenever the need arises”.

How does a YAQS translation request find its way to a translator?
Once a translation request is uploaded to the internet, an email is automatically sent to registered translators. They can also check via the website on all requests that are in the process of being matched.

How long does a translation take?
Even before placing a translation request, you can confirm about how long it will take from securing a translator to getting the translation completed. YAQS does not guarantee that time, but 95% of translation requests are fulfilled within the time estimated.

How is the translation time estimate set?
The translation time estimate is based on the volume. It is calculated on a standard maximum 15,000 characters (Japanese-to-English) taking 6 days. A volume of 20 words (English-to-Japanese) is estimated to take about 30 minutes.

How are translations delivered?
The translation is uploaded to the web by the translator via a web browser, and a mail is automatically sent notifying the client.

Can a translation request be subsequently cancelled?
A translation request can be cancelled while still awaiting a translator, but not once it has been matched. If you have uploaded the wrong document for translation, for example, please cancel it as quickly as possible, before it has been matched to a translator.

Can I ask for a finished translation to be corrected?
No. At present, requests for corrections of completed and delivered translations cannot be catered to.

Can I establish the quality level of the translation beforehand?
Sample translations are available showing the differences between Casual, Standard and Pro level translations, so please refer to these before placing your translation request.

Can I request a highly specialized translator?
We do not cater to translation projects that require a high level of specialization in a particular field.

Can I fax a document for translation?
The YAQS system requires you to copy & paste digital-format text for translation onto our website. Therefore, we are unable to receive faxed documents for translation. If you have printed matter that requires translation, please approach us. We can introduce you to a company that can convert it to digital data, which can then be submitted to YAQS.

How many translators deal with a single translation project?
Each translation request is dealt with by a single translator. The first translator to respond to the project gets it. If you specify a favorite translator, a certain period of time will be added to the process, during which time that translator will have first option. If the favorite translator does not respond to the request within the first 1 or 2 hours, it is automatically forwarded to other translators.

Can I specify a translator?
With the first translation request you submit after registering, you cannot specify a favorite translator. However, once a translator has translated something for you, you can add that translator as a favorite and specify that person as a translator for future projects.

Can a translator take on multiple projects at the same time?
A translator can take on only one project at a time. This ensures optimum focus on the job at hand.

What can I do to ensure the best possible translation?
You can help the translator deliver exactly what you want if you take the time to include details in the "Notes" field regarding the purpose of the text to be translated, its background, and any other relevant information.

What can I do if I am not happy with the translation?
Evaluations of a translated passage will vary according to who is reading it. However, if you really feel that what has been delivered is unacceptable, please contact the YAQS Quality Management Team, which will scrutinize the translation and assess it.

Is there an evaluation system for completed translations?
The client has the opportunity to assess the translation on a scale of 1 to 10, and add a comment.

[Charges and payment]

I mistakenly put too much money in my account. Can I get the charge reversed?
Once paid, charges cannot be reversed. So, please take extra care when deciding how much to charge your account with.

Can I pay by other means than PayPal or credit card?
A total that comes to 10,000 JPY or more can be paid by bank transfer, but this will entail an additional 2,000 JPY bank transfer fee. Please ask our staff for details.

Can I get a receipt for projects completed?
If you charged your account via PayPal, you can download a receipt from your PayPal account. In the case of a bank transfer, please use the bank transfer receipt as your receipt.

Can I have a charge I have paid refunded?
No, charges paid by the client cannot be refunded.

What if I forget my password, or can’t log in for some other reason?
Please click on I forgot my password and follow the procedures.